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Fun Online Nutrition Game

Smash Your Food™

Let’s face it – we could all be a bit more nutrition savvy (I say this as I’m munching on a Parmesan crisp “cracker,” by the way).  But while it’s pretty clear that a cracker made of cheese doesn’t exactly qualify as a nutritional super-food, it can often be difficult to assess the quality of what we’re putting into our bodies, especially for kids.
So check this out: Smash Your Food is a free online computer game where kids are presented with a common food, like pizza, and have to guess the amount of salt, sugar, and oil it contains. They then pull a “smash lever” that comes down and (you guessed it) smashes the food into a flat, gooey mess. The food drips into three jars that illustrate its actual sugar, salt, and oil content. From there, your kids can see how accurate their guess was. After the results are shown, a chart pops up that illustrates how the nutrient levels in the food compare to the nutritional needs of a child their age, activity level, and gender. So maybe (...hopefully) they’ll come to understand that potato chips don’t count as a serving of vegetables. 
And don’t assume this game is just for kids. You should check it out too! I had a grand old time smashing everything from burgers to Fruit Loops.