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Happy Birthday, Marlo Iris Armstrong!

Flickr user Mainline Mom

I've been a Dooce fan for years (yeah, I know, me and every other pair of ovaries on the planet).  I'm such a sucker for pics of Marlo, Heather Armstrong's gorgeous, mischievous-looking second daughter. Those eyes!  That dimple!  And though this may be the best picture of Marlo yet, I loved this slideshow of Marlo's first year. 

It's been such a treat to watch her little girls grow up, to hear about Armstrong's personal and public triumphs.  I know blogging and sharing all the private, poopy details of your children's lives isn't for every mom.  But I think it takes guts to share your experience with the internet, where anonymous strangers can say terrible or wonderful or judgmental things.  So happy birthday, Marlo Iris Armstrong!  And tell your mama we thank her for sharing you with the world!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mainline Mom, CC licensed