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Hot Dad Alert: Old Spice Man Loves His Daughter

Old Spice

We, like the rest of the internets, are madly in love with the Old Spice man (actor Isaiah Mustafa).  But you know what we love most?  That he's a hot dad.  Check out the "manmercial" he made for a commenter whom we can only assume is his real life daughter:

"Haley Mustafa writes, why do you look so much like my dad?  Well, Haley, the truth is, scientists have discovered that there is a parallel universe.  And your father must live in that universe that's parallel to mine.  Unfortunately, I happen to be more successful, well-known, and richer than your dad.  So just because I'm so rich, don't expect your father to be rich -- because he's probably a struggling actor whom no one has ever heard of, until recently.  So you'll have to keep playing with those old toys.  But if I were your dad, I'd buy you anything your heart desires.  You deserve it, monkey."

SWOON! Is it completely ridiculous that that made me tear up a teeny bit? I don't even need a dream kitchen built with his own hands.

Mustafa mentions his 9-year-old daughter on this Early Show clip, where he also revealed that he is -- wait for it -- NOT MARRIED! But he also told Ellen in this clip from her show that he has a girlfriend.  Not that we spent all night going through YouTube clips or anything.