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Getting Ready for Turkey Day!

Today New York City is getting ready for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and volunteers are busy blowing up the ginormous balloons that will be floating down 7th Avenue. I got to check them out on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where they are prepping for their big day. (New this year: Horton the Elephant, Buzz Lightyear, and a Smurf.) While I was a bit disappointed that I didn't (in the spirit of my favorite Holiday movie, Miracle on 34th Street) see a Santa who had a little too much whiskey in him, it was neat to see those huge balloons in person -- the same ones I've been watching since I was a little girl. 


I'm sure you're not blowing up huge parade balloons, but I bet you're busy getting ready for the big day. If you're like my mom, you've already started freaking out about your homemade pie crust, which you are positive will fail miserably (it won't). If you're like my dad, your wife has given you a list of tasks designed to GET YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE! If you're like my grandma, you're pulling your fall foliage-themed jogging suit with its strategically elastic waist band out of storage. (Later you will lament, when everyone's plates are empty, "I've never been so freakin' full in my life! My pants are about to burst!")

If you're traveling for Thanksgiving like me, you're packing and hoping that airport security will allow your Soup Can Turkey in your carry-on luggage.

Good luck to you, whatever your plans. Tomorrow, we feast!