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Go Home and Make Babies!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user stoichiometry, CC licensed


Did you hear about this? Twice a week, Canon workers in Japan are being forced to “go home and multiply” at 5:30 PM. The lights and heat are turned off, and the building is pretty much evacuated. The 1.34 birthrate, too low to maintain Japan’s population, is blamed on 12 hour work days. Apparently, they have been way too busy to make babies. What do you think about that, moms? You’re pretty busy – how do you make time?

This reminds me of employee weight loss programs, where workers get financial incentive to stay fit. When corporations have a strong hold on such a huge percentage of the population, enforcing things like baby making and working out really makes an impact. Maybe there are other things American companies should enforce to better the country. They could send employees home early -- not to make babies, but to spend time with them, and their families. Employees could be required to volunteer one day each month on a paid workday. Imagine if everyone did that. And imagine if everyone in Japan actually goes home and makes babies! I was going to suggest that Canon should set up people at the building’s exits and hand out massage oil and Marvin Gaye CDs, but maybe we should wait a few (9) months to see what the impact is.

What do you think?