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“The Goddesses” Inspire Postpartum Body Love

Today Show

They are a group of mothers just like you. Though they came to love and celebrate their pregnant bodies, after giving birth they were met with a very different appearance when they looked in the mirror. In a country that stresses and celebrates a thin ideal, and is full of celebs rocking teeny tiny bikinis mere weeks after giving birth, learning to love your postpartum body can be a challenge.

Plus: How I Learned to Love my Postpartum Body

For a group of seven Connecticut moms, all bloggers for, all it took was a little wine and encouragement for them to empower new moms everywhere, reports The TODAY Show. In their self-proclaimed Goddess Gathering, the moms bared their new bellies unashamedly for a photo shoot to celebrate their new shapes. 

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The result? New moms everywhere went nuts with praise and thanks for the belly-baring beauties. It seems that these Goddesses really hit a cord with new moms everywhere, who are struggling to embrace their new shape.

The Goddesses are now calling on other new moms, hoping they will host their own photo shoots with their friends to celebrate the beauty that is the female body. The photo shoots will be posted on their blog for all to see, in hopes of spreading their message. For info on how to pull together your own “goddess gathering,” er, postpartum shoot, check out the Goddesses’ guide to doing so here: "Goddess Gathering How-To." The Goddesses have dared to go where few other new moms have gone before, save the brave souls who have shared their photos on The Shape of a Mother (NSFW), and we are sure glad they did.

Have you struggled with accepting your postpartum body? Would you ever consider flaunting your new shape in a photo shoot with other new moms?