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Guess What?! You're Pregnant... With the Wrong Baby


Courtesy Flickr user nessguide, CC Licensed

Did anyone catch wind of this article about the woman at a public IVF clinic in Japan that, after a switch of a Petri dish, was accidentally impregnated with the wrong embryo? The story is full of queasy twists and turns. First, the doctor implanted two embryos of the correct woman’s before adding an unrelated third embryo by mistake. Would you have a baby if you had a two in three chance it was yours?

The author of the article thinks that it would have been best if the two women could have talked to each other—In other words, if the women whose egg was mistakenly implanted would have been informed that it resided in another womb. And here’s the kicker: The mother of the implanted egg was in her 40s and the woman mistakenly carrying it was in her 20s. If you found out that a younger woman was mistakenly impregnated with your baby—and that it might be your last chance at conception—would you approach her and ask her to carry it to term?

I’m looking forward to your comments on this moral quandary.