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Guest Dad Blogger: Pete

Meet Pete:




Pete is a vice president of corporate sales and marketing at Bonnier. He and his wife are proud parents of a 15-month-old son. And they are also expecting…wait for it…triplets. Due in June.

(We'll give you a moment to absorb.)

Yes, that means they'll have four under 2. Yes, that was our reaction too.

We had so many questions: Are you freaking out? How's your wife getting along? How will you fit all those car seats in one car? And just how big is your house?

Pete's agreed to check in with us every one in a while to let us know how they're gearing up for the birth. First up, the story about the first sonogram:

Finding Out

We called the doctor's office to get the results of the pregnancy test. When my wife spoke to the nurse, the nurse said, "Congratulations! Based on your HCG levels, we think it's possible you'll be having twins (tee hee hee)." We hear her yelling back to the doctor, "her levels are xxx." (more sounds of muffled laughter). We're told to set up an appointment for an ultrasound, and to come into the office in about two weeks.

Fast forward to the doctor's office. The sonographer begins the ultrasound exam. I've now seen this enough times that the cervix pretty much looks like one of the games I've played on Playstation3, and I am confident that I could wield the wand and do the exam myself. So we're a few minutes in, and the sonographer announces that she sees two healthy sacs and proceeds to capture the images on the printouts while she's doing the measurements. My wife looks at me and says I'm beaming. We're both incredibly excited.

On about the second pass, I ask the sonographer to go back to the angle she had before. There it is again. For all my bravado about knowing how this thing works, I am now starting to wonder if I am seeing things. "Right there -- stop." Mild panic sets in. Is that a third sac? More moving the wand around. "Yes, yes it is." she tells me. "You're going to have triplets." We had all expected twins so much that no one even thought to look for another.

Wow. My wife tells me I'm really beaming at first, then, a slight look of panic comes over me. Three kids. Three bottles at once. Three cribs, high-chairs, and pack n' plays. Three sets of clothes. Three college educations. We probably need a bigger house. Maybe a show on TLC. All at once. Wow.

I compartmentalize all of the emotions and realize that we're going to have to run the house with military precision. I get back to the excited phase pretty quickly. I tell my wife, "I really couldn't be happier." And I really could not have been.