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Happy Mother's Day!

Moms, you're the best! We've rounded up the best of for luxe pampering tips (for you), gift guide and recipes (for the hubby and kids), plus fun mom news from around the web.

Pamper Yourself!

Enter to win one of 6 luxurious (well-deserved!) Mother's Day vacations -- airfare included!
31 ways to indulge this Mother's Day (or any day!) 
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Whether you're a mom to wee ones or older kids, check out the movie Babies (in theaters today) -- there's nothing like staring at four adorable babies for an hour or two to put you in a warm, fuzzy mood.

Bookmark this slideshow and pull it up whenever you need a reminder (or 26) of why you're a great mom! 

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Mother's Day Goodies

Still need to drop a hint for a Mother's Day gift? Email our must-have mom gifts guide to the hubby 

Treat mom to a breakfast in bed, delicious dinner or decadent dessert 

Rockin' Mom News

Stay-at-home moms are paid in hugs and kisses, but calculates that, if they were paid, they'd make a cool $117,000+ per year; working moms would earn about $71,000 on top of their annual salary. You can calculate your own paycheck using the Mom Salary Wizard.

See adorable pics of Meryl, Angelina and Grace Kelly with their children in this Oscar moms slideshow (via Vanity Fair) 

Learn about the origin of Mother's Day