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Have You Ever Been on Bed Rest?

Turns out I have an incompetent cervix (I am so firing it after this baby comes). After a pre-term labor scare landed me in the hospital last week, I am on bed rest at home, probably until my due date…14 long weeks away.

Now that I’m in this situation, it’s amazing how many people have come out of the woodwork to tell me they were on bed rest too. It’s comforting to hear they survived – I know I will too, and that some day I can tease my son about being directly responsible for Mommy’s addiction to reality show marathons.

In the mean time, I’m open to any and all tips to get through it. Have you ever been on bedrest? How did you deal with the boredom? How did you manage other kids, who don’t understand that Mommy’s off-duty?