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Have You Experienced “Wrap Rage”?

We’ve all been there: Your kid has a new toy and is standing there waiting for you to open it, with a happy, excited look on her face—a look that changes to dismay and whiny impatience as you wrestle and grapple and curse and finally stab! the! darn! plastic! shell! that encases it, slicing up your thumb in the process. And then…you see the twist ties. Dozens of thick-wire twist ties. By this time, your kid is writhing on the floor and you’re snapping “Okay, I won’t BUY you any more toys if you’re going to behave like that!”

According to the NY Times, 6,000 of us end up in the ER (yes!) each year with injuries from trying to open those annoying clamshell packages—and now some companies are trying to come up with other options. Most ideas are in the prototype stage, but we’d like to give a big shout-out to Sony, Microsoft, Best Buy, and Amazon (which, for instance, is working with Fisher-Price and others to ship products in cardboard boxes) for trying to ease our frustration and save our fingers!