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Here Comes Sanitized Claus

Could the holidays really be coming to this?, a service that provides personalized phone calls from St. Nick to kids, says business is up more than 35 percent this year. In these tough times, what’s making more moms than ever shell out as much as $50 for their kids to get a jingle from Kringle?

Anne Gaskell,’s founder, gives germaphobia a lot of the credit: “Santa’s seasonal calendar started filling much earlier than usual with all the reports of swine flu on the news,” she explains. Apparently some parents are paranoid about braving the crowds to let their children sit on Santa’s much-used lap at the mall.

What’s your feeling? Mine: while a call from Santa is fun, especially for kids who have Claustrophobia and won’t go near the big guy in person, nothing beats a face-to-face encounter for pure joy...just add Purell.