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Breastfeed Like Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Soccer superstar David Beckham is thrilled to be daddy to newborn Harper Seven Beckham and even more thrilled that his fashion-mogul wife Victoria has decided to breastfeed their little daughter.

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But, Victoria’s been in some pain from a slipped disc in her back and has been unable to hold the baby, so David supports Harper in place while she nurses, reports the UK’s Daily Mirror. What a sweet daddy!

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While most new moms don’t need dad to hold their baby for them during a nursing session, there are plenty of other ways new dads can be of use then—making sure mama has enough to drink and a comfortable spot to nurse, entertaining older kids who might have a tough time allowing mom and baby sufficient alone time and space, or even just sitting by her side and keeping her company during a feeding.

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If you chose to breastfeed, (how) did your partner support you?