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Flu Season Expected to be a Bad One


Stop reading this and go wash your hands. Seriously.

It might be a good time to stop biting your nails, go get your flu shot and stay away from sickies, too. Health officials say this flu season could be the worst in years, reports ABC News.

The number of cases is higher than it usually is this early in the winter, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Flu cases usually start their uptick in early January, but this year five states -- Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas – are already reporting prime bigger-than-usual numbers. Flu season usually starts as soon as the air gets drier, as the virus is better carried when the humidity is low.

Plus: How to Flu-Proof Your Family

It’s never too late to get the flu shot, and they’re widely available from your primary care physician, urgent care centers, drug stores and even some employers will schedule company-wide vaccination times. This year’s flu vaccine seems to closely match the strains that are going around, so chances are good that you’ll be fully protected if you go ahead and get stuck now.

Health officials say that everyone 6 months and up should get a vaccine. Pregnant women, especially, need to get vaccinated stat, since they are more likely to experience complications, according to the CDC.

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Has your family already been plagued with the virus? Leave a comment.