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Girls Banned from Homecoming Dance for Short Skirts


In what’s now been dubbed the “Stansbury High Homecoming Spirit Massacre,” dozens of girls were turned away from their high school’s Homecoming dance in Tooele, Utah. A vague modesty guideline, that the hem of all skirts must be “at or around the knee,” caused confusion, leading chaperones to refuse admission to any girl they deemed immodest. The principal, Kendall Topham, has since apologized: "I did give an apology. I feel like the error occurred because, with our dress standard for our formal dresses, there is some ambiguity, there is some things in question," he said.

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Several protests have been launched, including a Facebook page, which has received more than 4,500 likes. According to one source, one student’s date was turned away, so the whole group of students they came with left the dance, circled their cars in the parking lot and all turned on the same radio station so they could still have a makeshift Homecoming dance. Stansbury High has agreed to host a second Homecoming dance, free of charge, so everyone gets a chance to attend.

What do you think? Is “at or around the knee” too modest for high-schoolers? Have you set dress standards for your kids? Leave a comment.