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Japanese Scientists Develop Virtual Pregnancy Suit

Forget trying on maternity clothes—it’s now possible to try on pregnancy (or at least its physical sensations), thanks to a new virtual pregnancy suit. Similar to the Dutch-pioneered pregnancy simulation experience, Takuya Iwamoto of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed a suit you (or your husband!) can wear that will simulate the weight gain and fetal kicks during actual pregnancy, reports
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The suit (which elicits plenty of giggles and startled gasps in this video) can be worn for two minutes or two days and is outfitted with a 4-liter bag of warm water. The “kicks” are created by 45 expanding and contracting balloons inside the suit. Like Rosie Pope’s pregnancy suit episode of “Pregnant in Heels” on Bravo, guys can wear this to better understand what their partner is going through, at least physically. It’s just too bad it can’t simulate the morning sickness, labor pains, mood swings and cellulite, too.
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Would you want your partner to wear such a “sympathy suit?” Would you have wanted to wear it before getting pregnant to know what it felt like?