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Driver Gets Ticketed for Morning Sickness


There’s little you can do when a wave—well, more like a tsunami—of nausea hits and there’s no bathroom in sight. An estimated 75 percent of women experience some level of morning sickness during their first trimester, so it’s easy to sympathize with an Australian mom-to-be who recently pulled her car over to puke.

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Thirty-six-year-old Natalie felt nauseous and turned onto a side street to vomit (ultimately the urge passed) when a police officer came by and handed her a $366 ticket, reports United Press International. Unfortunately for her, she’d turned onto a road Aussies call a “rat run,” a through street that’s closed during rush hour to avoid vehicles cutting through.

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“I was shocked that I didn't just get a warning based on common sense and compassion for my situation," she said. She’s challenging the ticket in court, and even a member of Australian government is stepping up to the plate for her.

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Have you ever fallen victim to morning sickness in an unfortunate place? Have you faced repercussions from experiencing pregnancy symptoms in public?