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Pregnant Model Walks the Runway


Being pregnant can be just the exact opposite of what fashion deems sexy--hips widen, belly protrudes, skin stretches and sometimes scars. Many women choose to stay covered up during those nine months, but others are more willing to brandish their bump. Italian fashion model Raffaella Fico, 24, is six months pregnant and showed her stuff in an itsy bitsy bikini by Italian swimwear line Pin-Up Stars during Milan Fashion Week.

Plus: Pregnant Bikini Contest—Would You Do It?

Fico got mixed reviews for her walk, from disgust and disbelief, to approval and admiration. Okay, so the suit is a little nipple-centric (and by a little we mean a lot!), but kudos to Fico for strutting her new body up and down the runway, glowing like nobody’s business, and starting conversations about what it means to be pregnant in the public eye.

What do you think? Do you agree with Fico’s choice to flaunt her figure at Fashion Week? Did you rock a bikini while pregnant? Leave a comment.