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Teen Mom's Tweezergate


From the Department of What Were They Thinking?, a former star of MTV’s hit reality show Teen Mom has caused a furor for blogging about waxing and tweezing her 3-year-old daughter’s unibrow.

Farrah Abraham called quite a bit of attention to herself a few months ago when she revealed she'd had some extensive plastic surgery, so she’s no stranger to pain for the sake of “beauty.” But many of fans of the show and her blog are up in arms over this latest attempt.

After blogging that she finally had to “confirm to [her]self” that her “little, adorable, most cuddle-able, cutie, baby girl” had a unibrow, Abraham tried to wax her baby’s Frida Kahlo. However, as anyone who’s ever tried to hold a toddler still long enough to do anything will tell you, it was a procedure doomed to failure. 

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So, Abraham waited until her daughter went down for a nap, then tweezed away.  After showing her daughter her new “upkept” brows, Abraham blogged that she “feels like a good mom.”

Fans are not amused. Some commenters pointed out that by altering her daughter’s image and then pointing it out to her, Abraham is sending a message that there is something wrong with how she looks and smashing her child’s self-esteem. Others stayed more neutral saying that it’s Abraham’s decision what do to with her child and no long-term damage has been done (yet).

Would you alter your child’s appearance to conform to current standards? Or is Abraham out of line? Let us know