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Viral Video: Pregnant Women Are Smug

Courtesy of HBO/YouTube

Pregnancy is hard on the person who’s expecting, but it can also be tough on those around her. To some, pregnant women might seem less procreative goddess and more …well, annoying.

This hilarious music video frmo HBO’s duo of comediennes Garfunkel and Oates calls out pregnant women on all those irritating comments (“We know the sex, but we’re not telling.”) and self-satisfied arrogance (“You’re just giving birth … you’re not Mother Earth.”).

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It’s all set against the backdrop of a garden party baby shower, with lots of pastel colors and all the sweetness that usually accompanies those kinds of celebrations, but that Garfunkel and Oates represent as overplayed and mere politesse.

So, what do you think? If you’re pregnant, are you (uh oh) kind of smug about it? Have you ever secretly been put off by pregnant women, even if you yourself were once pregnant? Leave a comment.