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Would You Deliver Your Baby at the Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital?

Hello Kitty Hospital

For more than 50 years, Hello Kitty has been making people happy all over the world. In Taiwan, she’s also helping to ease the pain of contractions.

A maternity hospital there is completely Hello Kitty-themed from the moment you walk in, with an enormous statue of Kitty dressed in scrubs. Enter your room and tuck your preggo body in between the pink logoed sheets while your partner cuddles up next to the giant stuffed Kitty on the pink couch. 
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Your nurse dons pink scrubs and, once the hard work is done, your little one will be hand(or paw)-delivered to you swaddled in a Hello Kitty blanket—blue for boys, pink for girls.

What do you think? Would you be thrilled or freaked to give birth here?

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