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Airline Reunites Boy With Deceased Dad's Lost T-Shirt


We all have those keepsakes that remind us of loved ones who live far away or those who have passed away. So when 7-year-old Cole Holzer lost his dad’s shirt on a Delta Airlines flight from Fargo to San Diego, he was crushed.

“I started to cry a little bit,” Cole told ABC affiliate WDAY. And no wonder: Cole’s dad passed away after falling while hanging Christmas lights two years ago. Ever since, Cole has carried the shirt with him, laid it out on the bed and sprayed his father’s cologne on it to remember how he smelled.

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Kelly Cruchet, a family friend, called Delta and found out that the plane had just left San Diego for Minneapolis. She eventually reached the Lost & Found department and another employee who said she’d check with the Delta cleaning crew.

A few minutes later, she got a call back from that employee who told her that the cleaning crew had gone above and beyond the call of duty, digging through the trash until they found the shirt, safe and sound. 

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Cole and his mom, Tonya, drove back to the airport to retreive the shirt in tears – and finally able to begin their sunny vacation.

What do you think of this heart-warming story? Has a stranger ever went out of their way for you, your child, or your family?Leave a comment.