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Hot Links: Swine Flu Edition

Here's a roundup of recent H1N1 news stories. And tell us: Have you encountered Swine Flu in your community? Did you get your family vaccinated? Did you get the shot, or the mist? Let us know!

In Iowa, the first case of a family pet with H1N1. The cat most likely got it from the family members recently suffering from swine flu. (Time

How did Wall Street bankers score the swine flu vaccine ahead of millions of others? (Associated Press)

Going sanitizer-happy? An unusually high demand for Purell could lead to limited supplies in some areas. (CNN

Seven members of an endangered Amazonian tribe have died from H1N1. (BBC)

A new bill in the House of Reps would guarantee paid sick leave to workers if their employer asks them to stay home with swine flu. (Associated Press

To put it in perspective, here's an interesting history of the swine flu, from 1889 to today. (New Scientist)  


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