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Hot Toy Trends '09


Back from the Toy Fair and boy do I have some stuff to share with you! Feast your eyes on this awesome Cafe Barista set from Step2. It will be coming out this fall.

I recently talked to Gareb Shamus, publisher of Toy Wishes Magazine, to get his forecast for 2009. Shamus is pretty much the guru of the toy industry, and he knows better than anyone what's coming up:

Going Cheap
"You won't see as many very expensive items, and you'll see a lot more in the lesser price range, or smaller versions of bigger toys."

Fun for the Whole Family
"Board games have done very, very well this year and they'll continue to do well because as people are staying in their homes more. It's a family bonding experience and a great way to set up traditions. Cooking is also going to continue to do very well."

"There is going to be a continued push toward green." (No surprise there!)

Disney, Disney and More Disney
The Hannah Montana movie is coming out this year, as well as Disney's newest animated feature, The Princess and the Frog, which hits theaters at the holidays. The new princess line will be very hot.

This One’s for the Collectors
"This year, there are quite a few films coming out that appeal to not only a wide audience but also a collector base. Star Trek, Terminator, Transformers, Wolverine, and GI Joe all have existed for decades, and now they have new movies and products coming out to appeal to today's kids. The guys that grew up playing with those toys now have kids of the age where they want to introduce them to the franchise they grew up with.”