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How to Be a Movie-Industry Insider

One of the relatively minor, but nonetheless frustrating, things about being a mom is the amount of effort it now takes to get out to events that are "cool" – concerts, new movies, or anything else that requires securing both a babysitter and reservations. But how about this: starting on Friday, April 23rd and for the week following, you can see some of the same independent films that will be screening live, for the first time, at the Tribeca film festival. The festival organizers have created something called the Virtual Premium Pass, which, for $45, lets you access a whole week's worth of the same movies as the attendees at this pretty darn exclusive event.

It's like they created it just for moms. Personally, while I couldn't see myself getting a sitter, the tickets, the trip to the City and everything it entails, I CAN imagine this: I get the pass, invite a few friends over, put the kids to bed, and settle in for a grown-up, cultural, very cool evening. The festival is providing a selection of feature films, shorts, and bonus videos, plus you can participate in the live Q&As with the filmmakers after the screenings. Love it!