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How to Give Birth in a Comedy

Today J.Lo's new movie The Back-Up Plan comes out, in which her character, tired of waiting for Mr. Right, decides to enter Mommyhood alone and gets pregnant via artificial insemination (and then promptly meets said Mr. Right! Oh, Hollywood.)

While J. Lo already knows the B-Day drill as a mom to twins, New York magazine helpfully compiled a LOL-worthy video slideshow, "What to Expect When You're Expecting in a Comedy", which includes birth scenes from Friends, Juno, Knocked Up and more. Because in a comedy, everything from first contractions (which will be accompanied by massive freakouts) to the bumbling fathers-to-be (he might get more medical attention than the mama-to-be) to the actual birth (in which your baby will either come out "realistically gooey" or "oddly pristine") must be performed in hyper-reality mode.

How realistically do you think movies and TV shows portray labor and delivery? What’s your favorite birth scene of all time?