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How to Make Little Kids Love You

I get told a lot that my husband is good with kids. (I know what you’re really saying, people: I see those knowing looks.) It’s true, though. When he plays with my little relatives, hilarity generally ensues. And yet when he says it’s time to pick up the Planet Heroes, they generally listen, too.

When I told him about the praise he gets, he divulged one of his secrets. Here it is: When playing guns with a little kid, and the kid shoots you, fall down dramatically. That’s it. This will make you insanely popular, because kids playing together tend to just shoot at each other and nothing ever really happens—no one dies, no one wins. Add some drama and you are King.

That can’t be the only reason they love him, though. Falling down and proclaiming your leg is broken cannot explain this:


My brother leaves small-child fans in his wake wherever he goes, too. I’ve noticed that no matter what goofy or complicated thing they say, he nods seriously and looks thoughtful or asks a question. Except when they tell a joke, and then he laughs. Kinda like how he acts around me, so either he’s treating me like 6-year-old, or he’s treating 6-year-olds like they’re people, too. I’m sure he’ll leave me guessing on that one.

Do the men in your life have a knack for playing with kids? Share your cute stories!