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How Swapping Sandwiches Can Lead to Cultural Understanding



Is there anything Queen Rania of Jordan cannot do? Not only is she a mom to 4 kids, she's educated and well-spoken, actively promotes children's health and education causes, is a total knockout, and now, a children's book author.

Queen Rania's book The Sandwich Swap has only been out for a few weeks, but it contains the lasting message of cultural understanding. The two main characters, Salma and Lily, are joined-at-the-hip BFFs; but when they both blurt out that the other's lunch looks "yucky" (Lily's got PB&J, Salma, hummus on a pita), a war of the words (and eventually, food) ensues. Ultimately the girls each taste the other's sandwich, and learn that they're not yucky at all.

It's great book for early readers, and a kid-friendly way to teach cultural understanding and to not to judge something just because it's different.

The Sandwich Swap, $10,