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I Beat Tony Hawk at Tony Hawk! (Kind of...)

Yesterday, I played Tony Hawk’s killer new skateboarding game, Tony Hawk: RIDE, with the laid back, down-to-earth skateboarding legend himself. (He showed me his battle scars from years of professional skating: some pretty gnarly shins.) Did I beat Tony Hawk at Tony Hawk? Technically yes, because his board wasn’t hooked up to the game! Yes, the bundled package, which is out in November, comes with a wireless skateboard designed by Hawk to really mimic the experience, minus the dirty spills because you’re on the ground.

We chatted while I made a total fool of myself:

So you’re a dad of four, right? Were your kids an inspiration for the game in a way?
Well, for me this game was all about my love for skating. Skating has really kept me youthful. [He mugs.] But they have helped me too, to keep in touch with what’s important and relevant for kids.

So why make the game now?
Well the technology was finally there to really do it justice. The game uses infrared sensors for the grabs and senses movement realistically. And people aren’t afraid to buy peripherals now. [Like guitars for Guitar Hero…]

What about the music for the game?
Well, I was involved with it as much as I could be—making suggestions and pushing people out to Activision.

What your favorite song to skate to, for real?
Ah! Loaded question! I guess I’d have to say The Clash “Clampdown.”

Have you played the game with your kids at home yet?

Oh yeah, they love it, especially in the party mode. They’re always fighting, like, “Me next, me next!”

So this is your avatar, huh? What do you think about its likeness?

Oh, it’s great. Amazing. There’s a lot less grey hair!