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I Can't Push Yet! I'm Tweeting!

If you’re not on Twitter already, you’ve probably heard about it. Personally, I joined just to follow celebrity moms like Denise Richards and Ashlee Simpson. (Both avid tweeters.)

Millions of moms (famous and not) are sharing all kinds of things. Making lunch? Tell Twitter. Shopping with baby? Tell Twitter. Going into labor? Tell Twitter?!

Sara Williams, wife of Twitter CEO Evan Williams, proved this month that nothing is too personal for Twitter when she posted updates from the delivery room like this one:

@Sara -- "Epidural, yes please."

Her 14,000-plus Twitter followers knew when her water broke, when she arrived at the hospital, and (thanks for the startling news, Sara…) that contractions are indeed painful.

I joke, but could Twitter actually have a place in the delivery room -- a nice distraction from the painful experience of labor, or a way to keep loved ones up to speed?

What do you think, moms? Would you ever tweet during labor?