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If I Could Turn Back Time...

So Doc Brown screeches up in his time machine from Back to the Future and invites you to pick a year of your life to return to. Which year would you pick?

A recent British study conducted by Clairol found that women are happiest at age 28. No, not 22, but 28! Just before turning 30 is even slotted to be the time when women enjoy the best sex of their lives -- who knew!?

"The age of 28 has been pinpointed as the time in a woman's life when their hair looks best, body shape is at its peak, and confidence is at an all-time high," the study claims.

The survey polled 4,000 women to record the age at which women were most content in key areas of their life. And this is what they found:

Age 28: Best year for sex, body image, love life and confidence!
Age 29: Most content with relationships
Age 30: Happiest with your career
Age 32: At ease with your home and family life
Age 33: Feeling the best about your financial situation

Do we agree, ladies? Can you pick the age you think you've been the happiest in your life?