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If You Don't Mind Looking Silly... The Snuggie


When I first saw the commercial for the Snuggie, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It looks like a ‘70s infomercial featuring people immobilized by the awkwardness of…a blanket? These poor folks can’t reach for coffee mugs or change the channel on the TV. They can’t do anything.


Thank goodness for the Snuggie! – which is basically a poncho with arms. With the Snuggie, you can do anything while still staying warm – cook, dance, scale buildings, whatever.


Of course my first thought was “what’s wrong with a sweater?”, but it was chilly in our office last week and oddly, I found myself wistfully thinking of the Snuggie. Yes, the commercial’s absurd, but the idea of cozying up in a blankie while banging away on the keyboard does have its appeal. As does the price: 15 bucks! It could definitely warm up those pre-dawn mornings when you’re making the baby’s first bottle or packing lunches.