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Interview with Ricki Lake: What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know



Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein's 2007 film The Business of Being Borngot in our faces about home delivery. (In case you missed it, Lake gives birth on screen -- in her bathtub.) They're at it again with their new book, Your Best Birth, which seeks to shatter myths about delivering at home and in a hospital ? info, according to Lake, that many expectant moms are not given. When I talked to her, she used the word "empowerment" seven or eight times to describe what she hopes the film, the book, and her work are accomplishing: giving moms the most control when delivering their babies.

Why did you think it was so important this book be written?
Ricki Lake: At the screening of The Business of Being Born, there were a lot of questions from the grassroots. We felt there were topics that we couldn't raise in the film that still needed to be addressed. With the success of the movie, and access to all this new information, there is so much more.

So it's more important than just entertainment.
RL: Yes, it's really continued to be a great tool for families to have the information that they're not getting anywhere else.

What do you mean? What's the secret?
RL: Most women don't give birth at home, so they need to be empowered in their hospital environment. You think your doctor knows best and you do what you're told. But the truth is that birth centers are up and running. Midwives are cheaper than hospital stays. There are too many unnecessary c-sections in hospitals and they cost more money. Women need to know all their options.

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