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Is It Time to Chill a Bit with Christmas?

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If you're anything like me, you're exhausted right about now.


Shopping for that "perfect" gift for everyone on your pages-long list. Baking super-special sugar cookies. Planning outings to see Christmas lights, carolers, Nutcracker ballets. Moving that darn elf. Nagging the hubby to finally get the Christmas lights on the house. Scouring the house for impending throngs of family and friends. Prepping a feast fit for three kings.


It’s something I do because I want to, of course. I do it because I want to create warm and lasting holiday memories for my kids. I want the season to be magical and unforgettable. You're probably the same.


Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm overdoing it.


A survey has found that a third of men think women fuss entirely too much over Christmas, reports the UK's Daily Mail. Another survey found that kids would rather Santa bring them more time with Mom and Dad than a load of gifts. And yet another survey finds that it's women who blow the budget at Christmas, not men. That same survey found that most folks (61%) honestly believe that it's the thought that counts when it comes to gifts.


Maybe I need to chill a bit. Maybe we're overthinking all of this. Maybe a simple taco bar will suffice over a huge turkey spread. Maybe cookies from a mix are perfectly fine. Maybe a gift card or thrifted gift will have the same effect. Maybe a family sitdown of A Charlie Brown Christmas will bring you closer than a ballet. Maybe the lights on our own house will bring the same joy as an extravagent display.


What do you think? Do you go over the top at the holidays or are you finding ways to simplify the holidays?