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It's Not Like We Pulled a High Chair up to the Bar

In Hot Links last week, I posted a link to a story over on Lil Sugar about parents who try to hard to maintain their pre-baby lives. Last weekend, it happened to us: we went to a bar with our toddler and had to endure dirty looks...and worse.

The story is actually a short one. It was about 9 p.m., and we were heading home after having dinner in the 'hood. Friends called to say that they were at the bar down the street -- which is also a restaurant -- and asked if one of us wanted to join them for a drink.

We only see these friends once or twice a year, so even though I wasn't going to join them, I still wanted to stop by to say hello. We walked through the front room to the back porch, and didn’t even sit down as we greeted our friends. It took about one minute for Security to come over and tell us to leave.

"Oh, we're not staying," I said, smiling, and turned back to my conversation.

"Because it's illegal to bring a baby to a bar," the bouncer said to the back of my head.

"We're just saying 'Hi.' Leaving in a minute," I practically sang, ignoring the looming legal battle over whether or not we were really breaking the law.

"You have to leave," he continued. All around us, eyes were rolling and heads were nodding.

We left about 2 minutes later. We were there less than 5 minutes.

To complete the picture, a little history: We're friends with the owner of this bar, who -- we know for a fact -- welcomes kids. (My husband tried name-dropping, but it didn't impress the bouncer.) I had my baby shower here. Earlier this year, my two-year-old took music classes in the lounge with dozens of other neighborhood kids. It's a part of our community. We go there for brunch -- with toddler in tow -- at least twice a month because, as I mentioned, it's also a RESTAURANT.

Most importantly, there is no sign on the door that says "No One under 21 Allowed" or even "No One under 21 Allowed after 9 p.m." If there were a sign, I never would have gone in, regardless of my relationship with the place.

What do you think? Did we do something wrong? Did the bouncer overreact? Should we tell the owner what happened?