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Video: Young Girl Becomes a Peewee Football Star

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Who says that a girl can’t play football as well as the boys? Young Sam Gordon isn’t simply playing for an all-boys tackle football league. She’s been named their star running back by the sports website SB Nation.

She scored 35 touchdowns on the peewee team this season and ran for 1,119 yards. Gordon may not be going up against professional linebackers, but her statistics top many of the running backs in the National Football League.

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Her father posted a highlight reel on YouTube of her most impressive plays. Watch Sam in action:

The YouTube caption reads, “This girl was fun to watch!” and that isn’t an exaggeration. The video is sped up, but it’s clear that Gordon easily outruns most of the boys. It even shows her making tackles and tearing down boys on the opposing team. One part of the video, however, gets questionable – the “Taking a Hit” segment. It shows helmet-to-helmet contact and boys pushing her down to the ground.  

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How do you feel about Sam Gordon’s success on the football field? Should she be praised for doing so well and defying the stereotype? Or is it wrong to have a little girl on the field taking hits from the boys? Leave a comment.