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Write to Santa and Get a Letter Back!


Writing letters to Santa is a timeless Christmas tradition. It’s also great to introduce kids to the dying art writing letters. Both Macy’s and the US Postal Service are working to do just that this holiday season, with a little help from old St. Nick.

Every Macy’s around the country has a special letterbox in “Santa’s Post Office.” After writing, children can drop their letters to Santa off and send them on their way to the North Pole. Macy’s also donates $1 to the Make-a-Wish foundation for each letter received, up to $1 million – so far, they’ve received over 345,000 missives.  

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Writing letters is all well and good, but nothing beats receiving a piece of bona fide snail mail. Now, once your kids send off their letter to Santa, they can even get a response directly from the man himself. The US Postal Service is running their “Letters From Santa” program, allowing kids to receive letters that are postmarked from the North Pole. The service is provided at no cost, apart from the purchase of postage.

Simply compose a letter to your child as if it were written from Santa Claus. Put it in a stamped, sealed and adressed envelope. Place the addressed letter into a larger envelope and ship it to this address:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

 All letters shipped to Anchorage before December 10 will be delivered back to your child by Christmas. It’s an adorable way to see surprise in their faces when they receive a letter stamped from the North Pole, written by Santa himself.

These are just two ways out of many to keep the spirit alive. What are some of your favorite ways stoke the holiday charm? Leave a comment.