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Jeans for Postpartum Mommies


It’s been seven months since I had my son, and even though the scale says I’ve lost the baby weight, things don’t quite seem to be where they once were (or at least where I like to think they once were).

So I was intrigued by the buzz surrounding Hello Skinny Jeans, which promise to make you look thinner than the other hot denim labels on the market – and they’ve got side-by-side photos to prove it. Once I got my hands on a pair, I had to agree: they have magical, transformative skinnifying powers. With substantial denim that doesn’t sag as the day goes on, lots of stretch to support the, uh, mummy tummy, and a reasonable inseam that prevents me from flashing people when I bend over to pick up the baby, these might my favorite pair of jeans ever. Even better, they come in real women sizes 24 to 38. One word of advice: I am tall, and these work perfectly with high heels. If you’re short and/or want to wear these with flats, you’ll need to get them hemmed.

Is $178 a total splurge? Yes. Is feeling a little like your old pre-baby self worth it if you can swing it? Yes.