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Join the Fight Against French Fries!

We know, we love 'em, too, and like most everything else in life, they're fine in moderation. But one new study of more than 3,200 parents found that the number one vegetable in the typical tot diet is French Fries (yep, potatoes count as a veggie). And 30 percent of preschoolers don't eat a single vegetable on a given day.

Dr. Alan Greene, the Al Gore of the pediatric community, is out to change all that with his new book Feeding Baby Green. In it he outlines a totally manageable, no-pressure program for introducing foods into the baby and toddler diet that most parents would never expect them to eat — stuff like salmon and spinach and hummus and avocado and tomato. The key, he says, is to do it when they're young and still in the highchair, before they develop neophobia‚ the fear of new foods. By introducing little guys and gals to fresh flavors that are salty, bitter, and sour -- as well as sweet -- we teach them nutritional intelligence, he says. It may not guarantee they'll always take a pass on chicken nuggets, but it will certainly give salad a fighting chance.

Some of us here at Parenting had the pleasure of chatting up Dr. Greene at his book party here in New York last month, sponsored by BornFree, the maker of BPA-free bottles, cups, pacifiers, and feeding accessories . That's Articles Editor Sandy Fernandez, Dr. Greene, Senior Editor Christina Vercelletto, and me in the photo below. The thing we love best about Dr. Greene's environmental and health conscious philosophy is that it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Do what you can, when you can to raise your children in an earth-friendly, nutrition-conscious manner and everyone will be better off for it. Learn more at