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Jon & Kate Plus the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Room

Anyone catch the first episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight Season 5 last night? I was saddened by the 180° turn the show has taken, thanks to rumors of Jon's infidelity and whispers about a possible divorce. The episode, which usually addresses hectic daily life or zany family outings, did document the sextuplets fifth birthday but remained tense throughout the entire hour and thirteen minutes (in which Jon and Kate waited 45 minutes before appearing in a scene together.)

Kate admitted that she "has a lot of anger" and Jon, (for the first time in the show's history, on the couch alone) denied any wrong-doing but did apologize for making poor choices. They both agree that "nobody knows what the solution is" to their obviously very serious marital problems.

While the kids are still cute as ever, we wonder how long this show will maintain its popularity with an uncomfortably strained family dynamic. Does the unraveling making the show too uncomfortable to watch – or are you even more likely to tune in now? Do you think your marriage could survive not only two sets of multiples but the media spotlight?

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