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Royal Boy Baby Name Revealed?


Update on Friday, April 12, 2013: The UK's New! magazine reported that Alexandra is now a front-runner for a girl's name, with 2 to 1 odds.

The Duchess of Cambridge, when accepting a teddy bear during a royal appearance, reportedly said that she will "take it for her d...", which led to speculation that she's having a girl.

Choosing your baby's name is the one of the first major choices you make for your child—that's pressure enough. (Then consider the fact that the whole world watching and it gets even more intense.)

The UK's Daily Star reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate 'n Wills) have short-listed Philip as a royal baby name if it's a boy. That seems like an appropriate choice, given the name's English popularity (it's actually of Greek origin and means "lover of horses"), and the fact that William's grandfather and Queen Elizabeth's husband has the same name.

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No word on girl names, but Kate reportedly said to well-wishers on a recent visit to Scotland that she and William have a short list of names for both genders (we bet Diana and Elizabeth are on their girls' name list).

What do you think of the traditional name choice? How did you decide your kids' names? Tell us in the comments!