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No School Lunch for Kids With Negative Account Balances



They say there's no such thing as a free lunch—but should that apply to middle school students?

Twenty-five students at a middle school in Attleboro, Massachusetts were denied lunch because they didn't have enough money in their accounts to cover the cost, according to a local NBC affiliate. Once the students found out there wasn't enough money, the cafeteria workers told the kids to dump the lunch in the garbage.

Parents of the school kids were outraged; one mom, Jo-An Blanchard, said the denial of lunch for her son was "bullying, neglect, child abuse."

The principal was quoted as blaming Whitson's Culinary Group, the supplier who runs the school cafeteria: "I'm appalled by Whitson's actions and we'll be taking the necessary measures to ensure that this never happens again," Principal Andrew Boles said.

If students can't pay for lunch, in 2011 the government stipulated that they should get at least a cheese sandwich and milk.

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