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Yahoo Increases Maternity and Paternity Leave Benefits


While the "no working from home policy" at Yahoo might have turned parents off, their new maternity and paternity leave policies will likely appeal to working moms and dads. 

Under CEO Marissa Mayer, the company will give mothers 16 weeks off after giving birth and dads eight weeks off—all paid with benefits, according to NBC Bay Area News. Parents who adopt or have a child via surrogate will each get eight weeks of paid time off. Additionally, the new parents will get $500 to spend on groceries or baby necessities and Yahoo!-brand baby gear. 

Plus: What Maternity Leave is Really Like

Mayer, who only took two weeks of maternity leave herself (but paid to have a nursery built in her office, reports Business Insider) is bringing Yahoo up to standards set by similar tech companies. Google offers five months of maternity leave, and Facebook, four.

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