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Kate Gosselin's Cookbook: Will You Buy It?

Kate Gosselin's first two books, Eight Little Faces and Multiple Blessings made it to the best seller list, but do you think you'll buy her cookbook, Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories, scheduled to come out in October?

The book is still in utero but it's already causing a stir. Kate's getting flack for plagiarizing some of the recipes from product boxes and magazines. That part doesn't bother me; few of us are bonafide recipe developers, and anyone who cooks pulls ideas from things they've read about or eaten elsewhere. But can a woman who prepares food for a small army three times a day really be creating meals that “make memories?” If I had 10 kids, they’d probably get cereal half the time. Do you think Kate’s new book will be a helpful resource for moms looking for some kid-pleasing meals? Do you think you’ll buy it?

Our Ideas for a Healthy Dinner:
White Chili
Chicken-Spinach Quesadillas
Pesto Ravioli