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Are Super-Skinny Jeans OK for Girls?


Skinny jeans have been a popular style on women for a while, and now it looks like the trend is filtering into the girls' department: Gap and Old Navy are featuring Skinny and Super-Skinny jeans in their fall lines. While they look supercute on the models (of course), MomFinds is asking if the jeans could lead to eating disorders:

"Now don’t get me wrong -- I love skinny jeans, especially on little girls because they can pull them off. But should we be calling them something else for impressionable young girls who already have enough pressure to be thin?"

I get MomFinds' point -- I think "skinny" is meant to refer to the close fit, rather than actually being just for skinny girls (the jeans do come in plus-size), but can young girls make that distinction? However, I think they're far more influenced by the stick-figure celebs who wear these jeans, rather than the label itself.

What do you think, readers? Do you think the label "skinny" will have a negative effect on a girl's body image?