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The Best Place to Be Born in 2013


Not that one can choose such things, but The Economist has published a ranking of the best and worst countries to be born in for 2013—and the US isn't number one.

The index averages rankings from 11 geographic, social and economic factors. Switzerland ranked first and Nigeria ranked last. And the US? America came in at 16th place. When The World created a Where to be Born index way back in 1988, the US ranked first. Also ranked in the top were Nordic countries, Australia and Singapore; nations in Africa and eastern Europe came in last.

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What's changed for the US? Inheriting the baby boomers' debt brings down the US' economic ranking, and in 1988, factors for a country's "yawn-worthiness" and "philistine ranking" brought other stable but boring countries down.

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Do you think the United States is the best place to be born? Would you prefer to raise your child in another country? Tell us in the comments.