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Birth Control Pills Recalled for Packaging Mix-up


If you take the Pill, check your blister packs: Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has issued a recall of multiple birth control pill products. A mix-up in the packaging process caused the pills to be put in the wrong order, meaning women who take them could be at risk for unintended pregnancy.

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The company advises consumers to switch to a non-hormonal method of birth control, like condoms, and contact their pharmacists (pharmacists are also instructed to call affected customers).

The recall includes the following products—the lot numbers can be found on the bottom of the box or the individual blister card:

    •    Cyclafem(TM) 7/7/7
    •    Cyclafem(TM) 1/35
    •    Emoquette(TM)
    •    Gildess® FE 1.5/30
    •    Gildess® FE 1/20
    •    Orsythia(TM)
    •    Previfem ®
    •    Tri-Previfem®

For a full list of recalled products, click here

Doctors, pharmacists or women seeking additional information on this recall, or consumers who have affected products, should contact Qualitest toll free at 1-877-300-6153 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CT Monday through Friday for information or to arrange return of any affected product.