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Boy Fined for Playing Too Loudly


We've heard some silly lawsuits before—take this mom being sued over a birthday card, and a pair of preschoolers sued for "negligence"—but this one might take the cake. The parents of Alfie, 4-year-old boy in Britain, could face a £5,000 (about $8,090) fine from their city council because, according to neighbors, the boy plays outside in his garden too loudly.

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Alfie's father Simon said that he was shocked to receive the notice about the fine and "noise nuisance", saying, "All children create a bit of noise when they play, it's natural." Alfie's mom Pippa is equally surprised: "What am I supposed to do, gag him and put him in his bedroom?"

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The parents aren't sure which killjoy neighbor made the complaint, but if another complaint is made, they could face more fines and Alfie could be monitored with digital recording devices! (Seriously?)

Who's willing to bet the neighbors who complained don't have kids?