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Dad Throws Son Off Cruise Ship


Sadly, the hot-saucing mom isn't the only parent out there to resort to drastic disciplinary measures. The AP reported that a father in California, on a day cruise with his family, threw his 7-year-old son overboard to "toughen him up".

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California's Orange County Sheriff Jim Amormino said that the father, who appeared to have been drinking, threw his son overboard after hitting him several times and telling him to stop crying. The boy, who is not a good swimmer, fell five feet into the water below—which, a tour boat operator pointed out, was busy with boat traffic and could have been fatal to the boy. Fellow passengers threw him a life ring and his father jumped in afterwards to save him; the boy was ultimately rescued by a passing boater.

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It's not clear what the father and son were arguing over, but I can't imagine anything justifying throwing your child overboard into water that's teeming with boat traffic.

The father was arrested and taken into custody for child endangerment. What kind of sentence do you think he deserves if convicted?