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De-Lurk Week Comments Contest Winners!

Photo Courtesy of Stokke

Announcing the winners of the De-Lurk Comments Contest! Congratulations to the winners -- and thanks for the creative, funny, thoughtful comments. Winners have also been contacted via e-mail.

Stokke Tripp-Trapp
Winner: mrsmayer
Winning comment: What are your secrets for getting a picky eater to try new things?
"I've laughed, I've cried, I've stomped my feet and shaken my head. I have lost sleep over getting my child to eat. I've tried dips, fun shapes, airplane noises. I've danced, sang, and covered myself in squash soup.  

"None of these things worked.  But, I would NOT give up.  I am a stubborn one, I am.  
I gave my child a spoon so he could do it himself.  He ate everything.  Apparently he is just as stubborn.
**We are so in trouble...** "

Evenflo Car Seat
Winner: Jennifer Herron
Winning comment: How do you keep your child happy and occupied in the car?
"We call each other! He has a play cell phone and I have my cell phone and I'll say 'ring ring' and he'll answer his phone and we talk back and forth. Sometimes he calls to order a pizza, sometimes he pretends he is "daddy" and calls to tell me he is own his way from work! Usually, I call him and ask him what he had for lunch that day or what did he do at daycare. Sometimes we even pretend we can't hear eachother and that really gets him laughing!"

Aden + Anais Prize Pack
Winner: CreepingIvy 
Winning comment: What’s your best trick for getting your baby to sleep?
"My husband has always complained about my snoring. One day while rocking my newborn, I tried humming in time with my breathing (inhale, hum softly on exhale).  It sounds so much like the snoring she listened to for nine months in the womb that she drops right off to sleep!"

Destination Maternity Gift Card
Winner: KAORIE
Winning comment: What’s your can’t-live-without piece of maternitywear and why?
"I can't live without my 'this is his fault' shirt. Lol. I love it. It's all in fun though."
Lisa Leonard Jewelry
Winning comment: What's the best compliment your kid ever gave you?
"'Mommy, you're soft and squishy and I love you.' Spoken by my currently 4 year old when he was still 3 when i was rushing around trying to get dressed.  Not a compliment but it did stop me in my tracks and have me thinking and smiling."
Angelina Ballerina Prize Pack
Winning comment: What's your kid's favorite TV, book or movie character and why?
"my daughter is four years old and her favorite character at the moment is max from where the wild things are.
she loves it when i read the book over and over and over until she's sleepy.
she sometimes says that she wants to go visit the wild things like max and be the queen of the wild things.
i tell her that it would be quite an adventure but, i'd miss her very much.
sometimes i make her queen for a day and have our wild rumpus."